Rose (_meandthemajor) wrote in mixtapery,

My friend and I make a mix cd for each other every month. Each month, we designate a topic for each mix. This month, my topic was famous people. I am especially pleased with how this mix turned out. You can find the track listing behind the cut. 

01. Interpol- Leif Erikson [Viking explorer]
02. Spoon- Jonathan Fisk [New York representative circa 177(5?)]
03. Billy Bragg- Walt Whitman's Niece [Writer] 
04. The Weepies- Painting By Chagall [Marc Chagall, Jewsish artist]
05. Camper Van Beethoven- Joe Stalin's Cadillac [Oppressive leader of USSR]
06. Sufjan Stevens- Adalai Stevenson [Political opponent to Dwight Eisenhower]
07. Wilco- Joe Dimaggio's Done It Again [Baseball player]
08. The Jazz Butcher- Just Like Betty Page [Vintage porn star]
09. Billy Bragg- Ingrid Bergman [Actress]
10. Weezer- Buddy Holly [American musician]
11. The Toasters- Chuck Berry [American musician]
12. 10,000 Maniacs- Hey, Jack Kerouac [Beat writer]
13. Ryan Adams- Sylvia Plath [Writer/poet]

01. The Go-Betweens- The House Jack Kerouac Built [The Beat writer, again]
02. Brian Setzer Orchestra- Hey Luis Prima [Jazz musician]
03. Barenaked Ladies- Brian Wilson [The Beach Boy]
04. Belle and Sebastian- Seymour Stein [Producer of music]
05. Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood [Movie director]
06. Sufjan Stevens- John Wayne Gacy Jr. [Chicago serial killer]
07. Cake- Meanwhile, Rick James... [Musician]
08. The Cranberries- I Just Shot John Lennon [The Beatle]
09. Air- Mike Mills [Guitarist, REM]
10. Clem Snide- Nick Drake Tape [Singer/songwriter]
11. Joe Strummer- Tony Adams [English soccer player]
12. The Stills- Alison Krausse [American musician]
13. The Magnetic Fields- Reno Dakota [Independent film director]



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