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Ulcers Cause Fatigue and Pain(a mix by cocaine music for republicans)

once again, you know how it is, one track continuously going till the mix ends

this is not a fun party time mix

there are moments

but they are fleeting

this is an introspective mix

listen alone or with a sad/disturbed friend or entity

i am aware there are lots of liars on this album and i don't care

"Ulcers Cause Fatigue and Pain"

1.Michael Andrews - When I Call A Name
2.Liars - The Otherside of Mt Heart Attack
3.Bochum Welt - Leafs Brought by the Wind
4.Boards of Canada - In the Annexe
5.Chessie - Hot Box
6.David Lynch - Ghosts of Love
7.Liars - Let's Not Wrestle Mt Heart Attack
8.Radiohead - All I Need
9.Cocaine Music For Republicans - Death
10.OMD - Joan of Arc
11.Human Eye - Age
12.Boredoms - Pow wow now
13.Halopain - $$$milliondollababybatta$$
14.Liars - Rose and Licorice
15.Radiohead - Videotape
16.Beach House - Wedding Bell
17.Liars - Drum Gets a Glimpse
18.Michael Andrews - Boy Moves the Sun
19.Cocaine Music For Republicans - OMG LIARS ARE COOL RMXXX

you may download or stream this mix at the link below

feel the pain of everyone

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