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Stop listening to that lame music. New Mixtape Compact Disc Mp3 Audio Blog Remix Mashup Original

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
i have some thing for you
but first a quote from shakespeare

"welcome to the shit generation, i am its mascot. see this s? it stands for stupid, strangulated, straight jacketed, stunted and sexually unsatisfied. i am in love with the throb of anxiety, death and destruction in this teen infested wasteland."

i made this shit to listen to after i get my gallbladder cut out of me, i can lay in bed dreaming about dancing and having fun with my friends and then realize im stuck in bed not doing any of that! AWESOME

Cocaine Music For Republicans proudly presents

The Grown-up Teenage Wasteland: Diary of a Fuckup Boy Superstar

1.Malaria - kaltes klares wasser
2.The Fall - C.R.E.E.P.
3.Dmonstrations - Mermaid Wax
4.The Pastels - Thank you for Being You
5.Crack and Ultra Eczema - Rastafareich
6.Odd Nosdam - We Dead
7.Zeigenbock Kopf - Animals
8.Oblong Boys - Talk 1
9.Cry Blood Apache - The Life Guard
10.Crystal Castles - Mother Knows Best
11.White Williams - New Violence
12.Wazmo Nariz - Checking Out Your Elbow
13.Zom Zoms - Lookalike
14.Unrest - London's Theme
15.Tickley Feather - Natural Natural
16.Cocaine Music For Republicans - Good Witch
17.Chris Knox - Half Man/Half Mole
18. We are Wolves - We are all Winners
19.These are Powers - You Come with Nothing
20.Oblong Boys - Talk 3
21.Twance Cop - Infinite Rave
22.Cocaine Music for Republicans - Hippy Fest 2000(thugs4hugs)
23.Xela - Sinking Cadavers
24.Zeigenbock Kopf - Woman, Begone!
25.Disfear - Fiery Father
26.Yeah Propeller - untitled
27.Tapes 'n Tapes - Le Ruse
28.Simple Minds - Factory

Stream if you're a Pussy or Download if your a Rockstar right here at this link


oh shit yeah!
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